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Author: admin, 21.06.2014
Following a diabetic eating plan may seem daunting, but when you are armed with the right information, it gets easier with time. Vegetables: Diabetics can enjoy starchy and non-starchy vegetables, but starchy veggies such as potatoes, pumpkin, and corn should be consumed in moderation. Meats and protein: Plant-based proteins such as beans and nuts, seafood, poultry, cheese (low-fat), and eggs top the ADA's list of protein food recommendations. Whole foods are encouraged for a healthy eating plan, but whether diabetic or not, it is sometimes convenient and necessary to rely on processed food products.

There are many healthy and flavorful food choices that are less likely to cause blood sugar spikes. As your knowledge grows about how specific foods affect blood sugar in the body, food selection will be a breeze.
They add flavor and texture to foods and are a beneficial alternative to sugar that may be missing from a recipe. You may be surprised to find just how many good foods are still enjoyable as you watch your blood sugar and food intake.

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