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Author: admin, 07.10.2015
Use of hormonal drugs for weight loss, particularly the contraceptive pill is one of the bold ideas of the most desperate, or rather desperate fighters with excess weight.
Use of synthetic hormones in their own laziness, weak will and passivity means to expose yourself to unnecessary risk.
Triiodothyronine (Liotironin, Threonin, TRIBON) – helps to get rid of fat and improve muscle relief. Even contraceptives with low hormone levels have a lot of side effects, contraindications and can add a few extra pounds. They want to lie on the couch, watch your favorite shows, eating tons of candy and cakes, not straining and under no denying.
But they should be taken only in those cases, if the excess weight is caused by disruption of the endocrine system. To upset the delicate balance in the female body is very simple, and a properly functioning system will fail. List of birth control pills that women also manage to use to achieve a healthy weight, you can continue for a long time. Great tool – Tibetan hormonal gymnastics, which is aimed at the General improvement and rejuvenation of the body.

Prescribed drugs for medical reasons, is strictly controlled, patients should be under the supervision of a physician and periodically to take appropriate control measures.
Along with some other hormonesthat are believed to help weight loss, it burns fat and increases muscle mass. Indeed, some drugs, such as GES, have a side effect in the form of slight weight reduction.
This will help to determine whether or not the extra weight caused by disturbances in the body or is a consequence of elementary surplus of calories consumed.
If the extra weight is not due to hormonal disorders and other reasons, the acceptance of such funds will not exert the desired action, or even will give impetus to further increase body weight. And to lose weight when hormonal failure, the treatment will require much more serious, time-consuming and costly. But it all individually, and there is no guarantee that it is in your case, their effect may be the opposite of the goal. The technique helps to speed up metabolism, and is suitable for almost everyone, (except pregnant women) who need to normalize hormones. But started to gain weight, although constantly on diets, there was a constant lethargy, appeared pimples on the face.

On the advice of a friend moved to Jess, she lost weight on these pills for 5 kg And I have them Breasts swollen all the time, all thigh in cellulite, although earlier and the hint was not, and the weight increased. But to dismiss the extreme insecurity of this method and unpredictable consequences of taking these funds impossible. If it takes a healthy person, the metabolism is accelerated rapidly, and the fat is melting eyes. Losing weight on birth control is a myth which has acquired a positive reputation through the media.
And what is offered in the form of biological additives, raises some doubts about the authenticity.
The doctor has cancelled the drug and advised to disperse the thyroid gland special gymnastics.

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