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Author: admin, 03.06.2013
Any of the cardio-metabolic health risks existing in an obese person can be identified by just assessing the levels of leptin hormone present in the blood.(30)Leptin disorder is also an indicator for insulin resistance and metabolic disorders a person is facing or could possibly face. As per the laws of feedback signaling, an ob gene mutation producing leptin that is secreted, but with poor signaling capacity, could lead to hyperleptinemia and leptin resistance.(18,19)It is also possible that leptin develops a self-regulation mode like the other biological signaling pathways. When leptin begins to have its own receptor and signaling, it may promote pathological leptin resistance.(20,21) There a number of study results that point out the leptin resistance as the offspring of obesity itself.

The Ob-Ra transport mechanism in the blood is saturable and it can limit leptin entry by creating a blood-brain barrier.
This theory is still not fully confirmed as further extensive experimental studies are required to establish the same.(24,25,26)Cellular and circulating molecules can inhibit leptin to cause resistance.

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