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About two years ago, Alley hit a weight of 230 pounds and knew that something needed to change. Using the Relieve Me colon cleanser to help clean out the digestive system Friends of Alley, including Kelly Preston, have even jumped on the Organic Liaison method of weight loss. You don’t have to be Kirstie Alley or any of the “Dancing with the Stars” celebrities to enjoy all of the benefits of dancing. Kirstie Alley can be the idol for millions of people all across the world who are fighting obesity. With organic eating and a lot of dancing, Alley was able to prove that aging gracefully is very much possible. While these diets had proven to give her temporary success when it came to weight loss, within months of completing diet Alley would only gain the weight back and then some more. This diet follows a daily plan that allows participants to eat healthy, track their meals and calorie intake and exercise daily.

Preston used the program to drop the weight after giving birth to her son in November of 2010. As with any individual looking to lose a considerable about of weight, exercise is a crucial component of any weight loss plan.
Kirstie Alley’s 100 pounds weight loss is living proof that dancing coupled with good organic dieting works!
In about two years, Alley had turned her life around drastically and is now weighing in at about 130 pounds.
This plan is a complete weigh loss solution that include a book, organic products and a cleansing drink, known as Rescue Me.
While Alley finished second behind past Superbowl winner and MVP Hines Ward, Kirstie came away with a lot more than just a second place title. The best thing about her weight loss is that she is not appearing weak or dried up like most other female celebrities look when they lose weight.

By making the transition to an organic diet and following a wellness program known as Organic Liaison (actually designed by Kirstie Alley with the help of top doctors and scientists), Alley’s weigh loss secrets were quickly turning heads. The Organic Liaison program includes a daily outline of what participants should be doing in order to achieve their weight loss goals. Alley had lost so much weight during the show that some of her costumes had to be drastically altered in order for her to wear them later on in the season. Through the help of the Jenny Craig Diet and being on Dancing with the Stars she was able to lose some pounds.
When dealing with weight lose if you are not consistent the weight will come back but Alley is trying to avoid that!

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