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Author: admin, 30.05.2013
I think for me Hog Killing Day was the most memorable of all the recurring events of the year at 201 McCord.
There is now a rather generous sized heap of cooked meat to be dealt with, most of it in small bits. I think that any of those Girls could spin a great story about those hot summer days when they were out there under the fig tree, peeling, pitting, and preparing the fruit, then into the steaming kitchen to get the stuff into the fruit jars, and all the neighbor kids were parading up the street in their bathing suits to go swimming in one the irrigation canals. Their quarters were improved and their diet upgraded, the skim-milk and table scraps still held, but more grain and bran were added.

Now came the seasoning, a simpler formula than that used for the sausage - - mostly pepper as I remember.
I doubt that concern for their emotional state was considered at all; except as everybody knows, happy pigs are healthy pigs, and they were that for sure. As far as I could tell though, their happiness level didn't decline with the change; the diet upgrade might have even raised it a notch or two. You must remember, this was years, yes-even generations before the Diet Police came into ascendency.

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