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Author: admin, 15.07.2014
Unable to decide between Julia Child’s leek quiche and her mushroom variety, I opted instead to use a little of both.
I just made Julia’s original leek quiche this weekend, with the original pate brisee recipe, and I can only conclude it is for two crusts. After mentally preparing myself to make a real pie crust, I finally ended up making this quiche. I have made this quiche (just the filling) three times following your recipe pretty closely (I added a little nutmeg and used wine instead of port). I linked to this recipe recently when I blogged about concocting a vegan quiche – I took inspiration from many places, including your leek preparation. Just wanted to drop a note and say that I made this quiche last night for a dinner party (and an extra one for today’s Easter brunch) and it was delicious! I tried making a quiche for the first time, using your leek and mushroom recipe, for my sister’s birthday dinner. Now, I don’t know if it was the potatoes or the feta, but there is no way my quiche was ready after 20 to 30 minutes. Blue Stilton and Cheddar cheese with tender broccoli florets and sweet green onions combined with creamy egg custard and encased in a stone-oven baked Italian cheese pastry.

While we have cross contamination controls in place, please be advised that we use the following allergens in our bakery: Gluten, Eggs, Peanuts, Nuts, Soy, Milk, Nuts, Sesame seeds.
To par-bake the shell: Roll out the chilled dough as quickly as possible on a lightly-floured surface until is about 2 inches large all around than your pie pan. If it seems to you that the sides of the shell are too fragile, or liable to crack or leak with the weight of the pie filling to come, do not unmold until your tart or quiche is filled and fully baked.
I love to make quiche and I found this lovely premade whole wheat crust at this little store in Memphis.
I am making quiche for the first time this weekend and was going to use Julia Child’s ham and leek recipe. I took everyone’s recommendations and increased the eggs to 4, omitted the butter on top, and decreased the milk to 1 cup. I’m a huge quiche fan myself and have been searching for the perfect recipe for a while. I don’t remember the amount of cups, but you can generally be flexible with quiche vegetables. Then I think I developed a bit of heat stroke, because I decided it would be a brilliant idea to whip up a nighttime quiche once the evening air cooled things down a bit.

Sometimes I deliberately make individual quiches and alter the ingredients to the finicky tastes of each family member:). When I mixed it into the sauteed mushrooms and then later into the egg and milk mixture, it was just fine. Or maybe this can be solved by other commenters suggestions of upping the eggs to 4 and using less cream. Except, as I found out two weeks ago, do not think you can substitute cream cheese + skim milk for half and half, as the very unfortunately ruined lox (but-what-would-have-been-delicious) quiche I attempted was really awful. Though the second time I made quiche with my own experimental filling of spinach and tofu keeping the pate brisse recipe same turned out horrible. Oddly enough, I didn’t have a proper quiche pan until yesterday, when a trip to my beloved Bowery Kitchen Supply put me face-to-face with one for ten bucks. I made another quiche, but substituted Swiss cheese with a mixture of mozzarella and grated parmesan.

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