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Author: admin, 18.10.2015
This is very important for your mental balance as well as the growth and development of your child. In addition to physical activities you must eat a balanced and healthy diet, have ample rest, sleep and wake up at decent hours.
Once in a blue moon is acceptable however you should have a healthy diet of salads with green vegetable, boiled foods, lean meat, and fruit juices. As such remember that even if you have a fairly large amount of work to do, you need to spread it out into small tasks and deal with them over a larger period of time.A healthy pregnancy is a safe pregnancy, and a safe pregnancy leads to a successful delivery.

If you are expecting, then you must take certain measures to ensure that you stay physically fit and mentally healthy throughout your pregnancy. A combination of all these activities will help ensure that you are healthy and your pregnancy is safe and free of complications. During pregnancy if you choose to swim you should, firstly, try not to dive or go into deep waters as the pressure might upset your baby and cause you pain. If you drive, then park your car at a slight distance from your destination and walk the remainder, as it will be good for your health.

In some rare but possible cases, over exertion has also caused fatalities to the pregnancy.

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