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Author: admin, 03.11.2014
With self-care and sincere exercising, you can pave the way for not only a happy and healthy pregnancy but also keep your weight in check.  Exercise is also needed for focus, concentration and energy all of which are needed once the baby is born. Women are notorious for letting themselves go, eating trashy, and junk food during pregnancy.
If your baby is due in the hot summer months, you will need to up your intake of fluids and water to stay fit and hydrated.
Take swimming classes or go for a moderately brisk walk 4-5 times a week to stay fit and healthy.
It takes priority and precedence during pregnancy, as there are a number of changes occurring in the body. Some of the tips to stay fit are practical and easy to incorporate provided you exercise the will to embrace them.

Swimming is one of the most recommended exercises for pregnant women as it is easy on the joints and causes no harm to the baby.
Prenatal yoga enhances flexibility and strengthens your pelvic area thus making labour easier for you. Walking on soft ground with padded shoes helps to burn calories and prevents unnecessary aches and pains. Pregnancy is not a licence to eat for two and become fat and frumpy, as most women mistakenly believe. Switch your eating pattern of three meals to fit in six smaller meals that are regularly spaced out over the day. Yoga is again a lighter form of exercise and when done under proper guidance, is greatly beneficial.

Consult a fitness trainer who can effectively guide you on the kind of exercises that will make you stay fit, trim and healthy.
By keeping a control over what you eat, you will also gain weight slowly and be able to shed it once the baby is born. It will keep your blood circulation healthy and make it easier for you to deliver, as the joints will be supple and lubricated.

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