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Author: admin, 05.12.2015
Fixing a constantly running toilet is something everyone needs to know how to do themselves. NOTE: A toilet flapper valve can look slightly different as they are made universally and can vary in color and sometimes shape. How To Remove Rust From Bathtub, Toilet or Sink Easy DIY If your bathtub, toilet or sink has rust stains, there are many different ways to remove it safely.
How To Replace The Water Filter On Your Refrigerator – Old And New Methods The water filter on your refrigerator needs to be removed and replaced every 6 months. This DIY toilet repair guide will show you the things you need to check yourself to avoid calling a plumber. Next put your hands in the toilet tank and check to see if the flapper is damaged or worn out and causing the leakage. See below for different types and what exactly you are looking for when doing this repair yourself.
The inner workings of a toilet are quite simple and you don’t have to be a maintenance person to troubleshoot and repair these problems yourself.

The flapper is easily replaced by purchasing a universal replacement and installing it in your toilet. When the flapper does not sit correctly or has become deformed, the water will not be able to fill the toilet tank and the water will constantly be flowing and will never finish filling the bowl. When you flush the toilet it pulls the handle to the flapper valve upward and releases the stored water into the toilet bowl. If you must have the driest hands possible, then turn off the water valve against the wall and located under the toilet tank.
Sometimes flapper’s vary and you will  have to cut the sides to fit into your toilet. When this happens, the easiest and fastest way to fix this issue is to replace the toilet flapper. A bad or worn flapper will result in the toilet constantly running, refilling or making dripping and running water sounds. So if you DID turn the water valve off then flush the toilet to drain out the water from the tank….

It should take only 5 minutes to install yourself and you do not need to turn the water off or take the toilet apart. Once you install the new flapper, turn the water valve back on if you turned it off and FLUSH the toilet. Since this is the most common toilet fault, we will explain how to remove and replace this yourself below. If the toilet flushes, fills, and the water turns off, then SUCCESS you are finished fixing your toilet. If the same problem persists then have a look in the toilet tank when you flush to determine what the fault is. Also, if you have suggestions to make this job or troubleshooting even easier, please leave a comment below.

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