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Author: admin, 26.12.2014
His graduate studies were about nutritional sciences specializing in the use of short term fasting for weight loss.
But I’m not saying that intermittent fasting is the best weight loss method. If you look at almost any diet program, you’ll find groups of people who have found success with the plan. I plan on feeling this great for the rest of my life! Historic Eating Problem My story all began with my historic eating problem which date back to 1989. Personally I’m completely impressed by his efforts in providing simple and effective ways to improve our weight loss, fitness, health and lifestyle.

They’ve been able to lose the weight they wanted to lose and have been able to keep it off for the long-term. I must say this is truly a good exercise to go through. Though fasting to lose weight is such an incredible experience, there is a little social hurdle to overcome. I have to alert people of my change in eating habit and that they need to reserve my diary in advance, in case they want to eat with me. Please don't eat this way until you have a deep understanding of the diet. Fact is, if you want to lose weight but are not prepared to change your eating habit, your chance of success is limited.

The reason they’re successful - regardless of the diet plan—is that they have the proper mindset to follow the diet program to lose weight and then most importantly, they stick with the plan for the long-term. I’ve recently come across a book called “THINK! However I cannot give up food forever, so I target for one meal a day, just to balance my psychological and physical need of food.

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