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Author: admin, 02.04.2014
You will never find another brand of bath care products that provides cleansing for the inner and outer body like Truly You’s Crystal Cleanse Soaps. Well, according to leading health professionals an internal cleanse is now essential for optimum health. In addition, using a cleanse with both psyllium and bentonite provides a more complete internal cleansing.  Together psyllium and bentonite can deliver a one-two punch to waste and toxins accumulated along the digestive tract and colon.
Juiceateria offers a multi-day cleanse which allows you to consume about a total of 15lbs of fruits and vegetables that allows your body to detox, reset your system and enrich your skin.

Each custom handmade soap not only contains pure and therapeutic grade essential oils but each is uniquely encased with a crystal that allows cleansing for the entire body, inside and out. Because men and women have different physiological and nutritional needs, when it comes to internal cleanses there are different requirements for men and women. Juice cleanses allow some of our organs to rest since the juices are easily digested, enabling the toxins to filter through the organs. Juice cleanses have proven themselves as the most effective and the quickest way to detox and improve your immune system.

Additionally, Crystal Cleanse Soaps harmonize oxygen in blood from anion emission which promotes “clean” energy.

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