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Author: admin, 02.05.2015
Excellent post and I’m genuinely shocked that Vitamin Water has more sugar in it than Red Bull!
Sugar is really bad and the list of what I am potentially putting in my body scares me a lot. Dave, good article but don’t forget that sugar in fruits is naturally occurring and does not count towards daily limits.
Thank you, Dave, I don’t see sugar as being intrinsically bad, but to limit intake and to be aware of adverse effects is very wise. When I cut out all refined sugars, white potatoes, and carbs, I not only felt much more energetic but my inflammatory markers went WAY down, lowering by far my chances for some really nasty ailments. Another important thing to note: a lot of companies will use multiple sweeteners so that sugar is not the first ingredient, even though sugar (in multiple forms) is the number one ingredient.
I am always telling my patients that eliminating sugar will make a profound difference to their life. The list you gave is wonderful some things were on there that I wasn’t aware that they contained sugar. The neurons release the neuropeptides (hormones like dopamine) but when taken in as drug or sugar, the brain realigns the roles of those neurons to star manufacturing other stuff.

Sticking to the recommended 2 serves per day will ensure you don’t go over your sugar budget!
This is why it is better to eat an orange rather than drink orange juice, but orange juice still does not contain added sugar. In truth sugar can definitely make things seem to taste drastically better but there is a toll for it in the long term. In a previous blog post on Why You Shouldn’t Neglect H2O I wrote about how a consistent diet of soft drinks is absolutely awful for you. You might be surprised to see some things like dried fruits and sugar listed as the first ingredient instead of fruit! Think smart about sugar consumption and don’t simply have a black and white approach.
And eating sugar is still better for your body than eating any artificial sweeteners or ‘natural’ sweeteners that your body does not recognize! I stuck mostly to sourdough and European style breads but a lot of the food tasted so artificial and sweet. There is sugar from GMO crops (also known as high fructose corn syrup), refined sugar, fruit sugar, and cane sugar.

Your body can handle some sugar spurts but when it is routinely consumed that’s a completely different story. Check out the nutrition facts and ingredients on the back of consumables to make sure sugar isn’t the first and highest rated item. It is not surprising our populations in Western countries are becoming more and more obese and unhealthy. I believe what really matters is the type of sugar and the amount of sugar that you are consuming. High fructose corn syrup does contain sugar but it’s digested and processed in our bodies differently. It turns off a protein hormone (known as leptin), which lets us our body know when we are full from eating.
People who are dependent of sugar or nicotine, need access to intensive recovery programs that provide new coping skills.

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