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What you eat can directly affect your oral health, and your food choices can spell the difference between strong, healthy teeth or a mouth that’s full of cavities. While dental procedures and professional care can cure many teeth problems, it’s better and cheaper to avoid them in the first place by proper oral health habits and eating right.
These foods are bundled together as one in the list because they provide similar nutrients that are helpful for teeth health. Fatty fish like wild salmon, tuna and mackerel are rich in vitamin D, which is critical for oral health. Most of us avoid onions and garlic for the fear of having bad breath, but eating them raw can actually be good for the oral cavity.
Sugars from the food we eat feed bacteria found inside our mouth, increasing the risk for developing tooth decay. It can be difficult to avoid these foods entirely, but it helps to eat them in moderation, or as part of a bigger meal.

Regular intake of green tea can reduce the occurrence of periodontal disease and lower the risk of teeth loss, especially for older individuals. Vitamin D from wild fish makes it easier for your bones (and teeth!) to absorb calcium from the other foods that you are eating.
If you really can’t stomach either of them raw, then you can have them cooked, as cooked onions and garlic is better than none at all.
Limit your consumption of sugary drinks as much as you can, and avoid sipping on sugary juices and sodas throughout the day, as it exposes your teeth to cavity causing sugars. When these starches and sugars come into contact with plaque, they produce acids that attack your teeth right after you eat. I loved that the office is very new and clean, and you can see that their main focus is their patients. However, this dental clinic was able to get me in the same day, solve not only my immediate need but also a five year issue with another tooth.

You can get lots of vitamin C from other fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, cantaloupe, kiwis, and pineapples.
The whole team made me feel very comfortable and made sure to ask me how I was doing during the process.
He spoke like a friend and made necessary suggestions on how he was going to take care of everything.

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