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Author: admin, 11.10.2013
Not every kid (or adult, for that matter) is wild about vegetables, but most love the salty, crispy taste of chips.
Veggie chips are becoming a popular shelf item in grocery stores, but they are more expensive than plain old potato chips. The basic recipe for any of your root vegetables (potato, carrot, turnip, parsnip, sweet potato, etc.) is to slice very thinly, coat them in oil and spread in a single layer on a baking sheet.

Whether or not veggie chips are truly healthier is up for debate, but at least they are made from vegetables. You can also use pieces of leafy veggies, like spinach or kale for a light-as-air vegetable chip. Some vegetable chips cook faster than others; potatoes generally take about 16 minutes, carrots about 10 and kale takes 8 minutes.

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