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Author: admin, 19.11.2013
The mantra to losing weight is not renouncing food, but being selective about what you put in your tummy. Did you know that there are few foods that have a natural tendency to burn more calories than they themselves contain. Research has proved that a calcium rich diet helps in breaking down body fats at a much faster pace.
Foods that are naturally rich in proteins as well as a rich source of fibers are good fat burners too. Fibers, on the other hand, in conjunction with proteins, help stabilize blood sugar, thus making them the best bet for those trying to lose fat.

Gunjan brings you a list of 7 amazing foods that can help you get rid of those unwanted layers of fat. So, in order to shed the extra inches and pounds, go natural and consume at least three servings of dairy products a day. These foods lead to the secretion of the carnitine amino acid which is known for speeding up the process of burning fats naturally.
What makes green tea ideal for weight loss is the presence of a powerful antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate that is believed to initiate the process of weight loss by improving the body's metabolism naturally. This particular vitamin also helps in diluting the accumulated fat and subsequently assists in its removal from the body.

That's because food with loads of chillies and cayenne pepper contain something called capsaicin that is thought to be responsible for enhancing your body's metabolism, thus helping you reduce the ugly fat accumulated all over.

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