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Author: admin, 27.03.2014
Through soups we get the nutrients and vitamins present in vegetables and meat faster without having to digest much. Kids who are fussy about eating vegetables can get the nutrients in soups without eating them directly. Those who are ill and elderly who aren’t able to chew properly can benefit from drinking a soup. By making a thick soup (you can even add with pasta or noodles) and eating it with salads or breads you can replace your meals with soups!
Soups can be prepared easily by anyone, all you have to do is put some vegetables in water or broth which is the remaining water while cooking meat or chicken can be used and boil and add spices. Soups are low in sodium and saturated fats especially the vegetarian ones are great for those who are dieting. There are many ingredients in soups like ginger, garlic, onions, spices which are excellent for all kinds of ailments from asthma, cardiovascular diseases to diabetes. Cabbage soup- Cabbage is hailed as the weight loss food, low in glycemic index, cabbage has a role to play in controlling insulin, it also has many cancer fighting agents.

Chicken soup- Chicken soups are known to treat colds since long and research shows that chicken soup in fact has anti inflammatory properties which help fight colds. Tomato soup- The most popular choice for soups, tomato contains lycopene which has cancer fighting properties. Packaged soups like Maggi, Knorr have been welcomed in today’s homes where convenience beats all other needs.
Not only does this Sweet corn and chicken soup contain only 5% of chicken and 8% of Corn, it contains plenty of thickening agents like potato starch, wheat flour, milk powder and artificial colors and flavors.
Don’t add thickening agents to your soups, they will reduce the benefits of your soup. Add herbs and spices like ginger, garlic, black pepper, lemon grass, coriander to your soup which would increase the flavor and give you plenty of benefits.
You can treat soup as your meals if you add more vegetables and ingredients like tofu and mashed lentils. Since it is prepared in a broth of chicken or meat or by boiling vegetables, it is healthier than the stirring or frying way of preparation.

Most of the ingredients in a chicken soup have proprieties which help your body recuperate faster and relieve cold symptoms.
Spinach soup is great for those who are suffering from anemia, skin disorders and those with bowel disorders.
Mushrooms soups are good for those with diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease; it even helps those with cancer.
Also the nutrient density of soups is poor compared to raw vegetables and fruits since they contain large proportion of water. Even though touted as health foods, packaged soups don’t deliver all the goodness of fresh soups.
In many packaged soups, the content of sodium is almost 10 times more than the approved amount, not only that many contain MSG or Mono sodium glutamate (though most soups companies have stopped using it due to public outcry) which is known to cause brain death, stroke, asthma attacks etc.

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