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Author: admin, 07.09.2015
When we posted our Healthy Sugared-Vanilla Yogurt Fruit Dip, our photos included some fun fruit kabobs and decorative fruit cut-outs.
Using an empty skewer, pre-poke some holes in the apple where you want to stick your fruit kabobs. The kids are delighted and immediately begin scarfing fruit instead of chips and mini cupcakes. Cut the apple so that it has a flat side and place the apple, flat-side down, on your fruit platter. These fruit bouquets really are fun to make, and they’re a total showstopper that turns a same-old-same-old fruit tray into something REALLY special! You’re so right – those gorgeous fruit bouquets you can order from delivery companies are just fabulous, but so expensive!

The kids are so happy with these as dessert or a snack (they make awesome treats for the soccer team, too!) and we don’t mind them having seconds! We’re here to help you feed your family with wholesome, nutritious foods that don’t take all day to prepare. When we took our fruit dip to our Fourth of July parties the following weekend, we really did spend a few extra moments to create fruit bouquets and cut-outs.
For the ultimate fruit kabobs, we recommend that you buy a melon or two – watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew – whatever looks good at the market. Place the vase on your fruit platter, arrange your gorgeous bouquet (channeling your inner florist), and heap all of your other fruit around your piece de resistance. Mound all your other fruit around the bouquet on your serving platter … and you’re done!

And they can totally customize each skewer – more watermelon, more blueberries … so simple to make your own way! It’s so satisfying to put together a final arrangement of fruit skewers and see the fantastic creation you just made, and it’s definitely a showstopper at parties! Really even better though is when you just make a few quick and easy fruit skewers for your kiddos at snack time, and they’re enthralled by how fun (healthy!) fruit can be!

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