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Healthy Easter Bunny Snack Packs are a fun, carrot-shaped, healthy snack for kids made with carrots, crackers and cheese. 2) Raw Veggies with Hummus (or other healthy ) Dip: Carrot sticks, celery sticks, Raw broccoli, etc are all good options. 6) 100 Calorie Packs: So this is one of my packaged snacks on the list – 100 calorie packs! 10 o’clock strikes every day and I need a snack- eating every three hours like an infant. I understand that Life often gets in the way of making the best choices for our health, but with forethought and advance planning we can (hopefully) not find ourselves starving with no other options. I really enjoyed reading your blog post on 10 top healthy snacks, especially because I’m always hungry and I never know what to eat and now I do! I love this article, it has given me lots of ideas and I was wondering if I could quote some of your tips for a feature I am writing at university about SUPER SNACKS! Right now I’m sitting at the airport in Denver waiting for my next flight, snacking on some healthy treats.
Since I will be spending 1-2 days just flying to and from LA (I have a lot of layovers), I decided to make up some healthy snack packs.
The snack packs I made up have jerky, nuts mixed with dried fruit, and some fresh fruits or veggies.

It takes less than five minutes to turn a frozen banana half into an adorable polar bear for this fun summer snack.
These chicken salad Pilgrim hats offer a cute and healthy alternative to the candy versions that are so popular at Thanksgiving. Preschool snack duty just got a whole lot easier with our list of wholesome and yummy snacks that are sure to make you the class mom favorite.
The reason I included Clif Bars is because Lara Bars (while they are the healthiest and my favorite) are not available in a lot of supermarkets or convenience stores. I have explored healthy eating blogs before but usually they aren’t very detailed in giving ideas about healthy foods so I appreciate your tips for eating veggies and hummus.
I usually end up getting up pretty early (this morning I was up at 4 am to get ready for my flight), so I usually end up eating more than one breakfast and snacking between meals.
From peanut butter alternatives to portable (and mess-free) snacks that all teachers appreciate, stock up on these kid-approved options.
I like to toast the bread so it’s crispy, and spread on the cheese while the bread is hot so the cheese gets nice and melty 100 calories and a great snack!
I think snacks has been my biggest trap….it is so easy to fail here….but with those great health choices at hand…even I should be able to make it! I’m glad that this post has helped you to eat healthier — I love hummus as well!

Can you please suggest some healthy snack options to have between classes which do not require much hassle to run to the grocery store. I'm a Board Certified Health Coach, wife, mom, and food lover from the SF Bay Area (now living in Ann Arbor, MI!); with a passion for delicious food and a desire to make healthy eating easy, tasty, and fun!
I will shell out some money for a good salad to get some fresh veggies, but it’s crazy to overspend on snacks that are really unhealthy anyway. My general rule for snacking is I try to eat whole foods – so I stay away from most packaged goods if I can help it. Since I have lots of food sensitivities and I like to save money, I decided to make up some snack packs to take with me so I can eat healthy wherever I am. But I am including a few of my favorite packaged goodies in the list below for those emergency situations!
I’m always looking for great healthy finds so definitely let me know if you have any additional suggestions!

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