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Author: admin, 27.10.2015
The chances of maintaining a balanced, healthy diet are also much improved when families eat at home most of the time. This list includes just a few of the many excellent online resources that offer suggestions and ideas for regular family meals.
The 2015 Alberta Survey on Physical Activity, published by the Alberta Centre for Active Living, indicates that increasing physical activity and decreasing sedentary behaviour should be a priority for Albertans. ParticipACTION has launched the Make Room for Play campaign, aimed at reducing the amount of screen time for children & youth and encouraging adults to be active role models.

The key, our sources say, is to make family meals a priority and take the time to do some careful planning. Ball suggests that parents do some thinking about what will work best for their family and then take small steps toward a goal.
For example, when Dad is working late, Nadine and the girls sometimes pack up their dinner and eat with him at the office.
In other words, parents need to think about how they can provide role models for healthy eating habits.

Or they all go to a local Asian restaurant that allows them to choose healthy ingredients and create their own dishes.

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