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Author: admin, 15.05.2015
About Latest Posts Sena GreeneSena is a Healthy living enthusiast who is passionate about well-being and healthy lifestyles, and she helps people return to their best by motivating and promoting simple changes in lifestyle and food habits. About Welcome to Healthy Living Hub - a website with health and wellness inspiration to motivate and get more buzz out of life. Vegetable juice is to most people a bit of an acquired taste, so fruit juice is the easiest option to go with.

She encourages the mind body connection and believes in an all-round approach to health and personal well-being. However, fruit juices are high in sugar, so it’s a good idea to move on to vegetable juices as soon as you are ready. Here’s some quick and very simple Fruit Juice Recipes, each combination will create 1 medium -  large glass of Juice depending on the size of the fruits you use.

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