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Author: admin, 22.07.2014
After school has been in session for a week or two, ask your child what healthy things he or she has seen others eat.
Fortunately, we have some great ideas for fun and healthy lunches that your child will enjoy eating. One of the ways parents can speak out against unhealthy cafeteria lunches is by sending their children to school with pre-packed lunches.

You might even sit together and research healthy school lunches on the internet or flip through family cookbooks for ideas. Mix in some cut veggies and cheese with the pasta and add a bit of salad dressing for flavor. Oppositely, you can ask what unhealthy things have been seen and what problems this may cause for those who are eating them.

Make a few meatballs for your child’s lunch, perhaps to place in whole wheat pita with a bit of lettuce.

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