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You won’t find many healthy items residing under the Golden Arches, but the protein-rich, lean Canadian bacon Egg McMuffin is a decent breakfast sandwich. When you know your reader and your relationship is friendly, use his or her first name in the greeting.
When you write to someone you do not know very well, greet the reader using a title and last name, or use both first and last names without a courtesy title. Unless you are certain that a woman prefers the courtesy title Miss or Mrs., use the title Ms.
The traditional way to greet male-female married couples is with the man’s title first, then the woman’s title followed by the last name.
In messages to two people (married, coupled, or not), include the name of the person with a special title first, or list the main recipient first. For boys, Emily Post’s Etiquette recommends the title Master until age 6 to 7, then no title until age 16 to 18 years, then Mr. In my business writing classes, the word that people most often render incorrectly is memos, into which they have inserted an apostrophe.
Except for the few exceptional situations above, don't use an apostrophe to form a plural. That last value proposition--positive environmental impact--was the reason for the higher price of the Natural Value sandwich bags.
Those paragraphs state what is different and valuable about the product that would appeal to environmentally conscious shoppers. When I teach Better Business Writing, I ask course attendees to shout out the positive words they have included in their recommendations, proposals, announcements, and requests.
In the past week, two clients have written to ask whether they should refer to their company or division using the singular it or a plural pronoun. But if the sentence parts are to hang together consistently, the word choices must all be plural or all be singular. To make your text look appealing, avoid using a hyphen at the end of the first line of text and the last full line. So we went out and found some fast food choices that won’t spell doom for your waistline, blood pressure, or battle with the g*ddamned diabetes. They rewrite to suit their whims, correct errors that do not exist, and obstruct employee writing performance in other ways.
Only make changes when you can explain to the employee why your wording makes the difference between a successful, professional composition and an inferior product. On the envelope, if you include an academic degree or professional designation after a person’s name, do not use a courtesy title that indicates the same achievement (for example, do not use Dr. List first the name of the person with a special title or the primary recipient (for instance, the person you know better).

Whenever you know your readers well and want to communicate in a friendly way, use first names in the greeting. I got it from my 100-year-old cousin), says to use the apostrophe to indicate the plural of figures. If you manage people, encourage them not to copy you on their email unless it is essential that you have the information. To answer that question, remember that your purpose in including others on the Cc line is to inform individuals who must or should have the information you are sending.
Before you include your supervisor and your team members—who may want to be in the information loop—recognize that ccing them on the email is likely to cause anyone who replies to your email to cc them too. Answer: If you know the other people and you understand why they are included, do cc them, of course.
The person who initiates the email should say either “Please reply to all” or “Please respond to me only.” The writer should also explain why people are on the Cc line or are being added to it. For example, maybe you are receiving copies of all the safety incidents, when safety is not your current job focus. As you can see, the front of their box gives no indication of why theirs is worth more than the cheaper brand.
You cannot assume that readers already know the value, especially if they are pass-it-on readers at work who don't know you, your reputation, or your product (just as I was not familiar with the Natural Value brand).
We are passionate about bringing you the best products available as efficiently and economically as possible.
The use of plural pronouns to represent collective nouns—such as company, team, division, department, or unit—works fine to emphasize the individuals in the organization. Ordinarily, treat the name as singular unless you wish to emphasize the individuals who make up the organization; in that case, use the plural.
Email has lost its hyphen in some style guides because we no longer need the hyphen to recognize the word immediately. They also tend to be served in gigantic portion sizes that would have shocked people even just 30 years ago. These low-fat, low-calorie options from some of America’s most well-known fast-food chains are good picks for the occasional breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I know about these behaviors because employees share their frustrations in business writing classes. Understand that an email may need 10 sentences, and the content of a memo may require a second page. Spell them out the first time you use them.” Yes, this approach takes time, but not a lifetime of rewriting. When you make changes to employees’ writing but don’t explain why your way is more effective, you leave employees without the keys to their success.

For example, if you can't find contact information for a client, write to the person who is most likely to have the information—not the 12 people who might have it.
For example, if you and a coworker are working on holiday greeting cards, do not send one email with a list of printers, another with the name of a printer your manager suggests, and a third with printer fees.
But if you do not know the people or the reason they are included, feel free not to cc them (unless your organization’s email protocol is different). Answer: Include your director on the Bcc line, and others will not be able to reply to her.
Additionally, NV Plastic Wrap, Sandwich Bags and Food Storage Bags are all certified Kosher. Because of these gradual changes, it's essential to check a current style manual or dictionary to determine whether your expression needs a hyphen. Those adjustments add little or nothing, but they take away the employee’s complete responsibility for the work. Since they can’t see that they have hit the bull’s-eye, their next piece may miss the mark completely. As a result, the work that goes out may be second-rate—even when it needs to win confidence and clients. For example, do not call a Juan Carlos “JC” or an Emily “Em” unless the individual does so. If you do, you will find yourself glued to your screen, waiting for a reply that doesn't appear—and then emailing again. If your supervisor does not need all the back-and-forth emailing, just send him a summary email or periodic updates.
If you are concerned that she (receiving a bcc) may mistakenly reply to all and wrap herself into the conversation, simply forward your email to her with a one-sentence explanation. Also, do not copy people on constructive feedback, denials, or reminders—messages that could embarrass the individual whose name appears on the To line.
The same goes for your team members: If they will want the hundred emails that may attach to this thread, cc them. Eventually you may need to let the individual know that your next step could be to turn to your bosses.

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