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This sweet and savory rub for grilled chicken relies on ingredients you most likely have on hand already—brown sugar, dry mustard and onion powder—making it a quick recipe for a night when you’re not sure what you’re making for dinner. In this recipe, roast pork tenderloin is glazed with honey, lime, soy and ancho chile powder and served on top of cheese grits. It only takes one skillet to make this restaurant-worthy pan-seared steak recipe with creamy caramelized onion and blue cheese sauce.
This recipe for jumbo shrimp wrapped in thin strips of prosciutto and served on a lemony bed of arugula is a practically effortless dish that’s sure to impress your guests.

This collection of quick and healthy dinner recipes ready in 30 minutes or less will help you satisfy your family, so get cooking! Wrap your shrimp and make the dressing ahead of time, and you’ll have dinner on the table even faster.
In this quick vegetarian recipe, we rely on the meatiness of pinto beans and butternut squash combined with hand-crushed whole tomatoes to make a satisfying stew. Just add a salad, simple side dish or quick-cooking whole grain like couscous or quinoa to round out these easy healthy dinner recipes.

Our quick and easy dinner recipes, including quick chicken recipes, quick pasta dinners and more quick dinner ideas, are perfect for putting a healthy dinner on the table when you're crunched for time.

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