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I love to start my day with this Vegan Banana Honeydew Melon Smoothie.  This vegan smoothie is really healthy and nutritious. For increased antioxidant content juice the white pith too, but don’t juice the peel because it tastes awful! Kiwi fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C, helping to keep our immune system strong and our skin firm.
With some 405 recipes for fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, and quenchers, this newly updated, The Big Book of Juices, now offers health-conscious readers even more. Blue fruits such as the highly esteemed blueberries, contain a wide variety of phytochemicals. Red fruits such as strawberries contain the phytochemical lycopene that gives them their red color. Hi Meme, we try many different combinations to come up with the best tasting juices for this website. 2) Yes, organic fruits and vegetables are more expensive and for that reason are not always the practical choice for juicing.
3) I think there is no problem in cutting your fruits and vegetables up in preperation for later in the day is fine provided they are storde in tuperware. After exhausting the few recipes that came with my juicer I was looking on the web for some new ideas and hey presto….I found a fountain of knowledge! You should try this: grapes, 1 green apple, 1 big orange, 1 large mango and just do the usual as in peeling them and then putting them in juicer ! Hello, Pls assist me in getting recipe for production of fruit juice using fruit juice concentrates.

Susan – each fruit juice on the list is different, so they vary in how much juice they produce! The foam is the result of oxidation and more of this is created with centrifugal juicer machines such as the Jack LaLanne Juicer and the Breville Juicer machines.
I am new in juicing and I would like recipe to help me with cholesterol and high blood pressure, can you please help me.Thank you. I just bought a Fusion Juicer and am overwhelmed at how easy and fast it juices … juiced 3 gallons of orange juice in less than an hour.
Smoothies became prevalent in the US in the late 1960s, when ice cream vendors and health food stores began selling them to health-conscious consumers. Nutritious, easy to transport and versatile, smoothies make a convenient on-the-go breakfast or tasty afternoon pick-me-up.
These refreshing smoothies can be made in a “BlenderBottle,” or use a standard blender if you would like to add pieces of fresh or frozen fruit to your recipe. The peels and skins of fruits and vegetables are where you will find the majority of antioxidants. The pith is loaded with antioxidants called flavonoids and juicing it will greatly increaser the overll antioxidant profile of the juice. Pour the juice in a large glass, fill to the top with sparkling water to serve this wonderful fresh juice.
Can I cut the fruit and vegetables, put them in a tupperware and store it in the fridge so that by the time I come back home from work in the evening, I can take it out and start juicing. Non-organic fruits and vegetables can be less nutritious but its not a big deal, they are still VERY nutritious all the same.

The fruits and vegetables will lose some antioxidants due to air exposure but this will only occur on the surface of the chopped fruits and veggies, so the loss will be minimal.
We try to stick with the basic cheaper produce such as apples and carrots as our main stay, and we juice vegetables a lot more than fruits to limit sugar intake. It’s delicious I always try to make different kind of juices formy fiance and he usually likes them =) and I also tried some of the juice recipes from this web site and they are great!
You can even scrape a little more of the white stuff from inside the peel and put that through the juicer, too.
The same process applies for storing the juice as with storing pre-cut fruits and veggies in tuperware. Choose a bottle size that leaves as little air in it as possible when the juice is in there. For example, for weight loss and added nutrients, try a fruit juice and low-fat frozen yogurt-based smoothie as a breakfast substitute. Ideally you would want to fill the bottle to the very top, that will protect the juice a lot from oxidation damage.

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