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Author: admin, 07.11.2013
Lose weight diet plan of 1000 calories a day is a rapid way to lose weight akin to crash dieting. Replacing meals in nutritionally balanced way is the best way to lower your calorie intake to lose weight. Use this 1000 calories low fat plan to ‘shock’ your system when you reach a plateau on your diet.

It is not advisable to go on such a low calorie intake to lose weight, unless you have taken permission from your doctor to do so. This can also be called the protein shake diet, because a major part of it consists of protein shakes. You can use this plan by adding Herbalife products to your diet or just by eating healthy food.

Find out here.The many protein foods and supplements made by Herbalife take care of the nutritional deficiencies caused lowering calorie intake to lose weight.

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