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Author: admin, 25.03.2013
On just about every grocery trip, I have a ritual every time I reach the dog food aisle: I run up and down the aisle carrying these, do a few deep knee bends, and hop several times, simulating how I used to function 33% heavier! I had a body from birthing 3 children, an ever-expanding muffin top, and no hope of better genetics down the road, at 50 years of age and with a 5-foot frame, I was badly in need of a drop in not only lbs, but also inches! Very shortly after, I started the HHCG Protocol in September, 2009 and lost 15 lbs at the end of 23 days. I’ll start off with my own, and, while I’m proud of my results, there are countless others who have done equally well or better!

Liking the results I saw when a co-worker lost a significant amount of weight using hCG injections, I was motivated to search for an equivalent, yet less intrusive means to lose, and came across HHCG Oral Spray.
If you'd like to share your HCG experience, please fill out the information in the Testimonials Form Submission Box.
The 6 weeks of maintenance and beyond were even better, due to learning what foods my body would maintain best with; another 10 lbs of fat came off.
The usual aches and pains I had getting up or climbing stairs or the shortness of breath upon activity had subsided so much that it is almost non-existent.

I have followed the protocol to the letter and only had one cheat, that being a slice of pizza a few weeks back. With your permission, I'll post your success story, initials, gender, age and, a few of your success statistics (see examples below).

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