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Author: admin, 08.04.2013
According to Healthtip24h – There are countless health benefits associated with drinking Green Tea.
When they interpreted the data they collected, they found out that the men receiving regular dosages of Green Tea extract showed a significant increase in their 24-hour energy expenditure and a reduction in their respiration quotient (which means that more fat is burned, thereby achieving maximum weight loss). The scientists construed that the substance catechin polyphenol present in Green Tea adds to its weight loss benefit. In their conclusion, the scientists inferred that Green Tea owes its weight loss benefit to the presence of Antioxidants and the substance catechin polyphenol. For centuries, the Chinese people have been drinking and using Green Tea as cure for several ailments.

Abdul Dulloo said in a press release that there are only two ways to achieve weight loss – either reduce energy intake or increase energy expenditure.
On the other hand, those men who were only given caffeine or placebo with every meal showed only minimal increases in their metabolism rates. These substances in Green Tea may alter how the body uses the hormone norepinephrine which is responsible for increasing the metabolism rate, thus leading to weight loss. Today, cancer prevention, weight loss, antioxidant applications, anti- inflammatory and anti-microbial properties are only a few of the proven benefits contained within a single cup of Green Tea or a capsule of Green Tea extract.
Green Tea, it seems, has compounds that can increase the body’s normal metabolism rate, thus giving it its weight loss benefit.

They theorized that the main contributor to green tea’s weight loss benefit is its caffeine content.
To test this hypothesis on green tea’s weight loss benefit, they placed the study’s participants on a typical “Western” diet which is about forty percent fat, thirteen percent protein, and forty-seven percent carbohydrates.

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