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Author: admin, 17.01.2014
Oldways, the Harvard School of Public Health, and the European Office of the World Health Organization introduced the classic Mediterranean Diet in 1993 at a conference in Cambridge, MA, along with a Mediterranean Diet Pyramid graphic to represent it visually.
The pyramid was created using the most current nutrition research to represent a healthy, traditional Mediterranean diet.
Emphasis on a variety of minimally processed and, wherever possible, seasonally fresh and locally grown foods (which often maximizes the health-promoting micronutrient and antioxidant content of these foods). Regular physical activity at a level which promotes a healthy weight, fitness and well-being.

A new feature on the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid is the addition of herbs and spices, for reasons of both health and taste. It has been widely used for years by consumers, educators, and health professionals alike to implement healthier eating habits.
The healthfulness of this pattern is corroborated by more than 50 years of epidemiological and experimental nutrition research.
From a contemporary public health perspective, wine should be considered optional and avoided when consumption would put the individual or others at risk.

These changes focused on gathering plant foods (fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, legumes, seeds, olives and olive oil) in a single group to visually emphasize their health benefits. The scientific committee made this change to draw attention to the key role of these delicious and healthy plant foods in this health-promoting eating pattern.

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