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Author: admin, 16.01.2015
As most people are well aware (from a previous post) I’ve been eating 100% RAW fruits and vegetables for about five months now. It may seem on the surface that eating fruit—which is usually sweet—would cause blood sugar problems. One-quarter pound of beef raises insulin levels in diabetics as much as one-quarter pound of straight sugar (Diabetes Care 7, 1984: 465).

In addition to these changes, I’ve also had some very interesting conversations and concerns from family and friends.
Douglas Graham “it is almost impossible to get too much sugar from the consumption of fresh fruit. Eating fruit is not the cause of blood sugar problems…it’s just not that simple.” According to Graham, the real cause is too much fat.

With all this sugar consumption, surely this would cause blood sugars to spiral out of control, or, put you at risk for developing diabetes.

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