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Author: admin, 03.12.2015
You might be wondering how a fruit smoothie diet could help you lose weight and detox whilst at the same time ensuring that your body receives the nutrients it needs for optimum health – read on! We all know we should take our five fruits and vegetables every day as stated in the recommended daily food intake requirements.
Everyone can manage to spend a couple of minutes which is all that is needed to whizz up your fruit smoothie – and you can even drink it on the go, on your way to work, school, walking the dog or shopping! Getting all the benefits of your fruit smoothies in the morning and later, having a light lunch is very beneficial. Fruits are filled with vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins, not to mention the hydrating, toxin-flushing water content. Top Tip: Get more ideas for low calorie smoothies and detox smoothies – use these links to read the articles!
The carbohydrates provided by fruits such as those found in bananas are actually better than those found in refined foods like pasta or bread and they can boost your endurance by giving you more energy while eating less of the more fattening carbohydrate food items.
Top Tip: If you are dairy or lactose intolerant, you can buy dairy alternative milks that are fortified with the necessary calcium and use these in your smoothies instead! Whilst supply of multivitamin supplements is a multi-million dollar industry in the US and globally, many such products are not actually regulated by FDA and research companies have found out that there is no conclusive evidence that such vitamins are effective or able to provide significant health benefits to the user. So the very best way to ensure your body’s nutritional requirements and to detoxify, removing the buildup of harmful toxins, is to ensure that your body can get everything it needs from your diet, particularly fruits and vegetables.
If you still do not see the reason to make the fruit smoothie diet part of your weight loss plan, here is a nice and easy list of benefits you might want to glance over again.

Fruit smoothies are all natural and do not have any unnecessary artificial content in them.
Fruits have an abundance of natural fiber making sure you do not have to worry about your digestion any more.
Taking your diet fruit smoothie first thing in the morning, means it is a quick and simple job that ensures you get the best nutrition right at the start of your day, keeping you properly hydrated and leaving you to enjoy your activities with the best state of health and mind.
If you do not have a smoothie maker or blender, check out our reviews section (use the site index link at the top of the page to browse the index) – you are sure to find a model that suits your requirements and your budget! You will find lots of recipe ideas on this site that can help you to get started on a fruit smoothie diet and start seeing the health benefits for yourself.
This entry was posted in Low Calorie Smoothies and tagged detox smoothies, fruit smoothie diet, fruit smoothies, low calorie smoothies. Once you get into the habit, you will never regret going on this fruit smoothie diet – especially when you start to see weight loss results! Nutritionists and other experts agree that the best way of getting your nutrition is by eating a healthy, natural diet. You could do this by starting on a fruit smoothie diet and consuming a healthy home-made smoothie every morning.
In fact if you invest in a home smoothie maker you will know exactly what goes in your daily dose of goodness! Soluble and insoluble fiber is important for your digestive health and both types are present in fruits and vegetables.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Downing a fruit smoothie early in the day will provide you with a sense of fullness, preventing you from eating unnecessary junk, and keep you well hydrated throughout your morning activities. The nutrients, minerals and vitamins obtained from the consumption of fruits are also proven to be the most efficient source as compared to vitamin pills and supplements.
You will be able to get many of your required daily vitamins and minerals in one delicious, quick to make drink which is certainly a lot more interesting than taking a supplement pill – and a lot more filling too!
The cheap and plentiful choice of fruits and vegetables can do the same and are quick and simple to prepare. By not taking weight loss pills, you will avoid any potential side effects from these and the beneficial effects experienced are all the work of Mother Nature. Daily drinking of fruit smoothies would certainly help detoxify your body, boost your immune system and lower your risk of various diseases in one small, quick to make, but powerful daily drink as part of your fruit smoothie diet.

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