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For the Vegetable Group, cancer and cardiovascular mortality was lower in the tenth decile than the first decile, even though both deciles ate exactly the same amount of red meat and nearly the same amount of total animal foods.
Posted in Miscellaneous, Scientific Studies and tagged animal food, bad science, low carbohydrate, meat, science, studies, vegetable food, vegetarianism on September 8, 2010 by neisy. They are on a raw food diet sans wheat after having all sorts of health problems with regular dog food laced with corn, wheat and whole grains.
They’ll need to redefine it as in exposing someone as an incompetent, unscientific and illogical fool.

This abstract sounds vaguely China-Study-esque, with the conclusion that plant-based diets are healthier than ones featuring more animal foods. Along with influencing mortality outcomes, this suggests the Animal Food group, in the highest decile, may have been somewhat less health-conscious than the dieters lumped into the highest decile for the vegetable category. Changes in cancer and cardiovascular risk ratios occur out of sync with changes in animal food intake. The food questionnaires are from 1986, when the anti-animal-fat public health campaign was new and in full swing.

Even the lowest low-carb eaters were still eating over 37% of their calories from carbohydrates.

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