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Author: admin, 04.08.2015
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We are all familiar with corn and flour tortillas, but as a child my grandma would make sugar tortillas for me whenever she would visit. These included pig intestines, collard greens, corn bread, and sweet potatoes or “candy yams”.
The recipe that I used originally called “Apples and Sage Pork Chops”, which at the time I did not have either apples, apple juice or pork chops.
Very recently my grandma came to visit me from Mexico and without fail, she made a batch for me to enjoy. She always loves spoiling me with them, and a visit with her is never complete without them. My uncle and aunt always have holiday parties, so this is my special dessert that I contribute to the family.
This meal is made by soaking a tortilla in tomato paste and then filling it with chicken onions and cheese. However, when I made my own marinara sauce I made it too spicy and hot–I felt really bad for my younger brother who had to endure. I used orange juice as a replacement for apple juice and added some vegetables, like celery and carrots, hoping it would help with the tart flavor from the oranges.

It’s important for me to show my family that I care about them and that I am a part of this family.
It consists of soaking a tortilla in some hot olive oil and breaking an egg on a skillet and making it over easy.
My mom use to host Tupperware and Home Interior parties and chicken salad sandwiches were the snacks. It almost seemed that she literally waited for me to get on the honor roll or finish first place in the 100m dash and there it was, a freshly baked chocolate cake. The reason why something like this is important for my family is that when my mother isn’t home I try and cook something for my younger brother.
These sugar tortillas are very special because my grandma has not shared her recipe with anyone yet, and has it written down somewhere safe.
Sadly due to the circumstances and the fact that we never got to document her recipe, I’ll never be able to have my grandma’s chocolate cake again. My grandma often times makes pastries and other sweets for all of my family, but the sugar tortilla is by far my favorite one since I was a child.
Her cooking (especially her cake) solidified my belief that it’s not the ingredients that make a certain food good, it’s the love and soul that’s put into it that truly make it memorable. After making the chicken parmesan and pasta, I know for next time to keep others preferences and tastes in mind and not just my own.

Now that I am older, and no longer live with my parents, I do not get entomatadas as often. Only difference is that mole goes a lot better with a tortilla and rice than any cake I have ever had. She adds pieces of boiled eggs, pickles, celery, mayo, shredded chicken and sometimes pieces of grapes. My big sister seemed to know that we were much to busy to go sit and eat so she would humor our business sometimes and bring us snacks and occasionally watched as we played mario kart.
The side dishes that I did pair it with saved the day.Next time I will use a recipe and make sure I have all the ingredients available. However, thinking about this blog and thinking about what this dish means to me actually spurns the desire for me to keep a recipe journal. Back to the days when I would spend my time riding my bike outside with my friends and race.

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