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Author: admin, 13.05.2015
To achieve sporting excellence it is important performers can recognise different types of fitness. Watch the following video and try to identify where the above components feature in the video. Now that you are able to identify and describe the components of physical fitness take a look at the diagram below. Using the Internet or textbooks you must give a definition for each component of physical fitness.

Watch the following and try to identify how the components of skill-related fitness feature in the video.
Using the information you have gathered regarding the different components of fitness, consider three of the following sports and explain which components are needed in order to achieve excellence and why the performer needs them. During this task you will look at different components of fitness, training methods and how when combined they result in better performance.
For example, when you are running through the park and you come to a fitness stop, there will be a big board telling you how to use all the equipment in the designated space.

Implementing fitness equipment into parks will give people the extra incentive to exercise. Parks in New York and New Jersey are installing fitness stops while you run through the trails.

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