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Author: admin, 02.07.2015
If you are looking for the best fitness DVD for weight loss and muscle definition combined, Insanity should be number 1 on your shopping list. Of course it is really easy to sing the praises of a fitness workout but you need to see proof.
One of the showstoppers for getting in shape and improving fitness is the old favourite of lack of time.
When you buy the Insanity Workout product you will receive many extras, not just a bunch of DVDs. As part of her quest to find enjoyable exercise, Lazy Girl has been trying out some new to the shelves fitness DVDs.
This is much, much more than a standard music, lights, workout DVD, with ongoing free support online. After receiving the DVD, I had great extras sent via email, and I had the peace of mind to know that I could contact the team behind the DVD and others using it via their easy to use website.

The price may put some people off, but if you are trying to tone and repair the damage done by one or more pregnancies, this is the DVD for you.
It is very fast paced, whereas most DVDs will explain the movement first, showing you how to perform it, Tara Stiles just goes straight for it, moving quickly from movement to movement. I would worry that beginners may pull a muscle if copying the style here, nothing is really explained, and its not a DVD I would use until I was very confident at yoga and had a good grasp of all the movements available by name alone. I really enjoyed using this DVD, and I think you can tell that Alison Evans has a strong back ground in dance (she is an ex-Pineapple Dance teacher who has worked with Arlene Phillips amongst others). With both DVDs you have the option of just doing one workout or putting them all together for an hour workout.
I had no idea that certain work outs which I previously tried, and which left me despondent when they did nothing to shift my Mummy Tummy, were pointless, as other DVDs don't just target Mums but anyone who wants to up their fitness game.
If a DVD promises to be suited for any age or fitness level, but then has a bunch of lettuce munching dolly girls in the background, it does put one off!

It teaches first how to use our muscles correctly, which is so important when trying out any form of toning exercise and which most other DVDs just don't cover. However, that said, the DVDs provide variety and inspiration which will really help you stick with it. You get 10 fitness DVDS, a nutrition guide, a workout calendar, online motivation – when you break it down, yes it is fantastic value for money.

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