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Author: admin, 06.08.2015
If you want to ease your way into boot camp style training, try taking a class once per week.
There was another boot camp where I felt like I was in the military but I liked it because it was in a gym with a ton of stations that you only stayed at for one minute. We offer Fitness Boot Camps for children, adults, 50+ , sports specific camps and group camps for businesses.
Five Star Fitness Boot Camps in Chicago, created by nationally recognized fitness expert Scott McLain, have helped more than 2000 people transform their bodies.
Five Star’s Signature Boot Camp uses The McLainActive Method ™, our proven system to achieve results. Five Star’s TRX Force Camp is based on the most comprehensive workout program ever created by TRX. After 12 years and more than 2000 participants, we’ve never had a single camper—not even one—who failed to see results.

At the end of your first camp you will see improvements in your Run4Time, Push-up Challenge, Pro Day Challenge and The Gauntlet Challenge™ or we will refund your fee. No matter which camp you choose, the team of top fitness pros will get you into the best shape of your life in only six weeks! I don’t care how fit you think you are, boot camps can be a dangerous place for people with unknown conditions. If you are heading to your first boot camp class in the early morning–the day prior make sure you drink plenty of water and eat enough food.
You can also join my Facebook Page to get instant motivation and answers to all your fitness questions! Join one of our 2015 Chicago camps or outdoor classes at four convenient locations in Bucktown, Downtown at Lakeshore East, Lakeview and Lincoln Park. You can get fit without some yelling in your face:-) Save your money guys–those type of camps will break you down and probably up too!

So if you’re not seeing results from your current fitness program, or if the treadmill has you bored out of your gourd, get started with Five Star today! With the consistent, sustained exercise most boot camp promises, expect to lose weight – you may not go from 190 to 165, but a 5- to 10-pound weight loss is pretty realistic. Hey, before you get all gung-ho about joining the next class, here are some helpful tips to survive the boot camp!

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