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Author: admin, 04.06.2015
Before starting any fitness program you should consult a Doctor to be sure you are healthy and cleared for exercise. Neither Angela Parker or anyone associated with Body Inspired Fitness will be responsible or liable for any injury sustained while exercising at your home, gym or elsewhere. This program is for intermediate to advanced students. You will go through the entire series 3 times giving you a high intensity workout for 30 minutes.

TEAM TABATAInstead of setting your timer for 20 seconds, like you would for a typical Tabata workout, set a cone at the 20 yard line and a second cone at the 10 yard line. 1 MINUTE DRILLSSome of these will require partners or participation from the entire boot camp class. Remain low and return to plank position.**While there are lots of descriptions here, I find that when I really map my boot camps out, they run much more smoothly.

This workout enables participants to really test the boundaries of their cardio endurance while building strength with the max set exercises.Have fun with your group!

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