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Author: admin, 09.10.2015
The balance ball chair is a relatively new fitness concept that incorporates exercise balls and chairs.
In offices all across the country, use of this type of a chair is becoming more and popular.
The type of a fitness chair is designed to actually give a person a workout while they are sitting. While sitting on this chair like this, the body has to make lots of little adjustments to stay in balance.
You should also purchase a specially designed pump that will help to keep the chair properly inflated. One of the best ways to purchase a chair like this is to go online and read reviews from other buyers. EXCLUSIVE WHEELS: For enhanced safety, stability and floor protection, this top quality chair comes equipped with weight-activated lock-on wheels (more info below).

All the healthy benefits of sitting on a ball, with the mobility and stability of a task chair.
Please note that a somewhat similar model exercise ball chair is known in other markets as the Gaiam Balanceball chair, however this product does not have the protective lock-on castor wheels found on the Aviva Ball Chair.
The Aviva Fitness Ball Chair helps strengthen core (abdominal) and back muscles, and the gentle bouncing motion assists in lymph drainage, similar to bouncing on a rebounder. The Aviva Fitness Ball Chair can be used anywhere in your home or office, or anywhere you sit. Aviva is excited to offer our new polyurethane coated, weight activated "lock-on" castor wheels with all Aviva Fitness Ball Chairs.
The Aviva Ball Chair can help keep stiff back muscles from locking and going into spasm as it helps improve intervertebral disk circulation. Specially designed to be safe for use on all floor surfaces including carpet, hardwood, linoleum and the new laminates, these new, super smooth rolling state of the art castor wheels automatically lock the chair in place when weight is placed on the chair.

Sitting on this ball chair helps take pressure off the spine, release muscle tension, correct posture, improve balance and strengthen the torso.
For those who spend long hours in an office it important to choose a well designed chair to assist in improved spinal health. The Aviva Ball Chair will help to reduce neck, back and shoulder pain and improve your posture. Please note these documents show a similar model of this chair with an adjustable back which is no longer available. This increases the safety of the chair, as it remains in position while you are seated, or when the chair is used for exercise.

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