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Author: admin, 19.01.2015
Well, it seems perfect to take on dieting and losing weight early in the year since it is the NUMBER ONE resolution most people make every New Year! I must confess that I’m currently having my own struggle losing weight for the first time in my adult life. Women like exercise classes, which probably all began with Jane Fonda back in the Flashdance era of saggy socks and lousy music. Men actually think they know how to exercise and don’t need the support or help of other men. Checking your weight daily is supposedly NOT a good thing…I just check how tight my pants are!

But, like every column in this ongoing series, men and women approach diet, weight loss, and exercise quite differently. I always weighed 175 lbs, give or take five, until a ski accident with a head injury a few years ago. Even though I was able to exercise soon afterward, I began to gain weight at an unusually alarmingly quick pace.
Thankfully, the weight is finally coming off, but it’s given me sympathy that I never really had for the struggles men and women go through trying to lose a few. I actually went to the infamous Bikram classes when he had just become a star after stealing Raquel Welch’s video for his own. Women Series, Weekly Columns and tagged A Dad's Point-of-View, aDadsPOV, Bruce Sallan, Dad Blog, dads, Diet, exercise, Fads, Humor, Losing fat, Losing Weight, Moms, money, Obesity, Social Media, Weight Watchers by Bruce Sallan.

I could lose somewhere between 5-25 and would be the better for it, but I can get along all right as is. There’s something about getting together and throwing a ball around that is comforting for men while that comfort comes for women when they shop. I learned from a physician who is on the scientific front lines of this problem throughout the country that hormones, insulin, and genetics sadly play a role for many, many of us out there.

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