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It then goes on to say that a little bit of junk food now and again is ok, it's just when we eat it more often that it becomes a problem. Then it goes on to tell you what you should eat instead, giving the plate of good health as an example, and with short explanations of each food group. Next there is an explanation of why breakfast is important and what makes a healthy breakfast, and a discussion of school meals and packed lunches, with some sandwich and salad suggestions. There is a section on reading food labels and what they mean and how to know if you're eating too much of something. There is then a two page spread on body image and how it's natural to think about what you look like but that you shouldn't worry about it, and explains that dieting can be dangerous if you don't do it with help from a qualified person and what eating disorders are. Next is a section on how to make food healthier - giving some food swap ideas and snack suggestions.

The next section teaches children about the wider context - that junk food and lack of exercise are modern issues, and that obesity is causing health problems.
This book gives a good overall summary of the issues involved in choosing a healthy way of eating for children.
The nutritional advice is necessarily uncomplicated, and knowledgeable adult readers may slightly grate at some of it, for example saturated fats are still presented as poor choices, if you don't read the advice carefully you could read a glass of fruit juice and jam on toast as a healthy breakfast, and there is a not unusual lack of protein in some of the lunch and snack ideas.
It explains why we need to eat a variety of foods and explains what carbs, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals and fibre are. There is only a paragraph or so on each item so it is a general overview, which moves on quickly enough to not be boring, but some children may find there is too much breadth of information and not enough depth to stick in their heads for long.
And in the section on additives, it says that most fortified foods are good for us, when actually quite a lot of fortified foods are fortified precisely to make a cheap nutritionally poor food seem more healthy.

Children who read all of it will be a bit more savvy about the fact that junk food is calculated, formulated and marketed to make money, not to be healthy, and they will have a basic overview of what a healthy diet looks like. It explains the possible health problems you could have if you eat a high percentage of junk food.
Then there is a section on wider food issues - a paragraph each on food miles, seasonal foods, fair trade, animal welfare and sustainable fishing, and a discussion of genetically modified foods and the organic movement.

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