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Author: admin, 03.11.2015
Sainsbury’s Diets offers an online diet club which is convenient and easy to follow with every day meal plans. Sainsbury’s online diet club specialises in easy to follow meal plans which are not only healthy but really tasty with absolutely no banned food. Scientists know that people who exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, avoid smoking and keep mentally stimulated generally have healthier brains than people who aren’t as careful about diet and exercise.

This latest Mediterranean diet research builds on other evidence that the diet is likely the way to go. This latest study shows how one easy-to-follow diet (which includes wine!) may make your brain about five years younger.
The group that ate a Mediterranean diet had heavier brains with more gray and white matter.

People who ate a diet close to the MIND diet saw a 53% lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

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