Easy healthy dinner recipes with chicken,healthy diet plans,apple crisp chips - Step 1

Author: admin, 20.07.2014
Then add the chicken.Liquid honey is easiest to measure, but solid honey works fine in this recipe too. Put solid honey in the baking dish with the butter, and let them melt together.Have a look in the oven periodically to make sure that the sauce hasn't boiled away.
If the sauce is getting too thick, add a bit of warm water.After you have removed the cooked chicken from the pan, let the pan cool down a bit and immediately put it in the sink.

The chicken tastes great anyway!I like to serve this chicken dish with rice, spooning the sauce over the rice.
My younger son prefers white rice, but I'm always trying to get him to eat healthier brown rice. With this meal, he'll happily eat the brown rice because it is so well disguised and flavored by the tasty sauce!

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