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Author: admin, 29.08.2015
While I was busy with the damask design, Nick was working on building a ledge and ‘lip’ to extend across the bottom of the tablet holder to help keep things in place. We’re definitely planning on selling the tablet holders on the Etsy shop, and hope to have the listing up in the next week or so, so check back soon! These supports are originally designed to hold a lid stationary with a support of a piano hinge. I like the thematic clustering…I do believe I have enough cocktail recipe books for one.

These hinges allow the Tablet Holder to stay in place at whatever angle you want, and yet still stay securely stowed away under the cabinet when not in use. I just bought all the parts today and it seems that only one screw on each side is going to hold it up. But even if you have a giant, overflowing shelf full of cookbooks, there’s always those one or two special books that you want to show off and share with others. I may or may not be describing myself there) then you might want to distract your friend with a small smoke bomb or other, likely more considered plan, so you can quickly measure her books.

Pulling up a recipe on your iPad and bringing it to the kitchen is super convenient these days, but getting a glob of raw egg on your glossy screen is less than ideal.

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