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Author: admin, 29.05.2013
The moment that your body senses that you are starving or limiting the foods that you are consuming, this defense system starts to work it’s magic.
Let’s look at this from a real life example and the reason why the quick diet will probably make you put that weight back on.
And the worst part about this, is that it’s a downward spiral from here on, because her metabolic rate now sucks (Less muscle and more fat to add), which will make it harder for her to do the same thing again. This won’t happen overnight, but the idea is to change just one or two things every few weeks and keep doing that one thing consistently. The goal for all Fitbuzzers (Well, most, since we created this together on Facebook) is to get strong, lean and for the ladies, to still look feminine. I’m talking about wearing clothes that will actually help you physically stay cool and not get hot. You may have periods in your life when it gets like that, but for the majority, you need to be getting those full 8 hours.
A starvation diet would require you to rapidly cut your daily calorie intake from say 2000 to 1000. If you were to introduce the Stay-Fit Buzz lifestyle diet to a friend, then they could take it and make it their own.
The way that you have learned thus far is to reduce calories with The Lifestyle Diet approach. But when that fat loss stops, one of the best things you can do is to increase your calorie intake for a short period of time, say 3 weeks max. If you take a closer look, you can see that half of Rippleys fat loss was actually lean muscle mass loss.
I have a few more fat loss methods up my sleeve, so stay tuned for part 2, where I’ll reveal even more effective ways to accelerate your fat loss. Wool promotes cooling ventilation during your workouts as water vapor from sweat is transmitted through the fabric into the air. Besides, being to busy is not an excuse in todays technology driven world, where you can simply micro manage daily tasks that you simply do not need to do. You’ll hit a few bumps in the grass, yes, just keep on going and things will tend to work out. Heck, even I was proof of that this time last year (Add me on Facebook to see that picture).
But don’t just identify them, write them down and then revisit that same sheet of paper again from time to time as a reminder.
If you keep looking back at the minor little hiccups in your life, your diet, your workout, that injury, you’ll crack and go mental. If you have a real goal, you’ll always know what you will do for every single workout.
Second, because your food intake for the lean and strong physique won’t allow for you to get bulky. If your body fears an attack or if you start to starve yourself for example, it will respond by slowing your metabolism and preserving body fat.
What actually happens is that this will work for the first several weeks, but then it will stop. Again, I’m no stress management expert, but the above method has been working wonders for me over the years and I use that approach daily while operating SFB and other fitness related operations. Don’t screw that up by starving yourself and all of the other negative approaches mentioned in this guide. You can work your ass off on the 3 month goal and easily track and trace what you need to change week by week to ensure that you reach it.
Because your body has a weight regulating mechanism that recognizes when there is a food shortage and it simply starts saving energy and reduces the rate of calorie burning. But over time it will be, because the muscle loss means that her body won’t be burning calories as efficiently as before. If you’re serious about getting in tip top shape then shop for it and screw what anyone else in your house thinks.
Statistics show that approximately 65 percent of the U.S population is considered to be overweight. Research from the National Institute of Health shows that obesity is a cause of more than $100 billion in health care expenses.

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