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Author: admin, 02.04.2013
With the Christmas and New Year weight loss season about to get in to full swing, consumers are being warned to exercise extreme caution when buying diet pills from China and the Far East. Despite being banned in many countries, online retailers are still pushing these dangerous pills worldwide with huge health implications for some people.
The diet pills watchdog undertakes another special investigation in order to bring you the facts. Chinese diet pills are normally only available from online retailers from websites that attempt to look like they are English focused.
The biggest danger is that the diet pills are produced outside of the regulations in China. In most cases there is so little information offered that it is not always possible for the casual surfer to see where the diet pills are coming from. As shown above, if a diet pill passes the strict regulations for sale in China then it is normally considered safe for consumption. Because they are not following any regulations, then the Chinese diet pills can contain all manner of substances that have never been tested or approved for consumption. If you are very lucky, you can get to see a list of the ingredients (supposedly) in the diet pill.
After an investigation by the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) they found the diet pills she took contained a banned substance called Sibutramine. Because the diet pills are sold and shipped online and sent singly through the post, it is not always possible to track them.
We would issue a strong warning to be very wary of buying any diet pills from China or the Far East.
I see the 2-Day Diet Pills on the list but not the 1-Day Diet Pills on the List yet the company I buy from offers both.
Turboslim Calorie Trapper is a diet pill that claims to trap up to 50% of calories in your meals.
This dieting aid is the latest supplement from Forte Pharma and has been suggested to offer the 90% consumer satisfaction.
This diet pill aims to control calorie intake by trapping fats before they are broken and stored by reducing fat absorption and the conversion of sugars into stored fat.
We have little confidence in this diet supplement and can see no reason, other than the price, for consumers too either. With so little information and feedback is available we suggest looking at better diet pills on the market and so reject Turboslim Calorie Trapper. Fantastic video resources section with our new presenter, Kelly who will guide you through the world of diet pills.
One of the worst we have reviewed so far, even the Utah diet pill scammers could learn a few more tricks from these guys. The most potent Superfruit diet pill on the market, includes clinically proven Green Tea, African Mango and Acai Berry. The pills help reduce your appetite,and I know someone that used them and dont exercise and still lose weight after still eating whatever they wanted. These pills have been tested in Australia and have been found to contain Subutramine which is a prescription only drug. There have been some reports that many of the diet pills coming from China include Sibutramine. Have just begun on this pill, have seen with my own eyes the transformation, my aunt has lost 45kgs in about 6 months, so im impressed. I took these tablets once a day combined with a chicken, red meat and salad diet aswell as protein shakes and lost 50kgs in 4 months. Okay, firstly, yes these pills are illegal in Australia, and if found customs will destroy. To start off our review we went to Evolution Slimming who is the authorised stockist of LDD Diet Drops. For LDD Diet Drops to work you are required to follow a diet plan called the “LDD Protocol”, which is split into three phases and lasts 44 days in total. American users of diet drops have reported weight loss of up to 1lb per day in some stages. LDD Diet Drops, in-conjunction with the LDD Protocol, claims to work by restricting calorie intake and forcing your body to use your stored fats as energy.
Liquid Diet Drops or LDD Diet Drops as its also known is available in the UK exclusively through Evolution Slimming. To take LDD you place 20 diet drops under the tongue using the pipette keeping the drops in your mouth for between 10-30 seconds whilst the drops disperse. The LDD diet plan should be high in lean proteins, low-carbs and low in saturated fats in order to get the maximum results.
You are advised to drink plenty of water and to take a multivitamin supplement whilst using LDD Diet Drops and following the LDD Protocol. Caution: Very low calorie diets (VLCD) are not suitable for everyone!Short term use can cause side effects such as fatigue, constipation, nausea, and diarrhea.

At the time of writing this review there are 13 consumer reviews, most of who give LDD diet drops positive feedback.
If you have no problem following the LDD Protocol, which includes eating less than 500 calories for 21 days then MAYBE LDD diet drops can work for you! The ingredients in LDD Diet Drops are mostly non-essential amino acids that may help muscle regeneration. There is simply NO PROOF that adding regular doses of LDD Diet Drops in-conjunction with a 500 calorie a day diet is any better than just dieting alone. This includes a free 7-day diet plan and as with all Evolution Slimming products a 30-day money-back guarantee. It’s important to highlight that to see results you must follow a very low calorie diet when taking Liquid Diet Drops. There are some serious health concerns of undertaking a very low calorie diet; they are difficult to stick too and not suitable for everyone. Positive weight loss results seen whilst taking LDD diet drops is likely to be from the strict calorie reduction the programme requires.
There are a number of dodgy HCG supplements on the market (just take a look at HCG Platinum!!!), Liquid Diet Drops is not one of these, and it’s available through a reputable retailer. The lack of credible clinical evidence, strictness of the regime and the cost means we reject LDD diet drops.
W700 Thermogenic Hyper Metabolizer is a Fat Burner diet pill from US based internet sports nutrition company Ubervita.
Research has shown that the speed of the metabolism varies from individual to individual and is affected by your lifestyle, diet, age and genetic make up. In fact, the only point that gives this diet pill any credibility at all is the high amount of customer feedback on the Amazon page. L- Arginine: Amino acid (chemical building block) that is obtainable through diet most notably red meat and dairy products.
Tribulus: Flowering plant that is considered a weed in some parts of America and sometimes known as Devil’s weed or Goathead It is believed to increase testosterone levels and for this reason is sometimes used in dietary supplements that improve performance (both athletic and sexual). When it comes down to any clinical evidence or information about this diet pill product information is lacking.
Despite this, there are too many positive customer reviews to simply ignore the fact that many genuine customers have found this diet pill effective and have not experienced side effects normally associated with fat burners. Perhaps it is the combination of the ingredients; perhaps it is a form of mass hysteria but when taken in combination with dietary changes and some exercise it does seem to help promote weight loss. At first glance you could mistakenly think that Slimsticks are like any other slimming drink or diet shake on the market. Slimsticks can help you resist temptation and avoid yo yo dieting by reducing food cravings and hunger pangs in between meals by keeping you feeling fuller for longer. All very persuasive stuff, making a great change as many of the diet products we review do not provide any supporting evidence!
In our opinion Slimsticks instant drinks are better than meal replacement or diet shakes as they don’t encourage a low calorie diet that may be deficient in micronutrients. This crap is just like that other brand with green tea & coffee bean pills that I purchased from a different co. I was also tricked by their Introductory Kit, so after reading watchdog I immediately contact my bank and blocked my credit card as this is the fastest way to stop their future billing. But in fairness, I loose half kilos in the detox phase and about 4 kilos in the stage 2 after 2 weeks of taking the pills. At my detox phase (Stage 1), I experienced severe stomach cramps maybe 3 times but it stopped when i finished the pills, though heatburns continue sometimes till this time that i am taking stage 2, maybe because as it suppresses my appetite, my stomach is becoming more acidic. I studiously took Stage 1 as directed but as I already eat a wheat-free, dairy-free diet there was no weightloss within the first two weeks BUT a gain of 3 pounds.
The products contain the same substances (as seen above in the main body of this Watchdog report) as are known commonly in the slimming world: green tea, green coffee etc. What does work, is cutting junk food from the diet, as they require you to do whilst using Slimfy, and cutting out wheat, dairy and sugar. Nutravita is a relatively new diet pill manufacturer, as they were established in the closing months of 2014. Nutravita Fat Burner is a diet pill that supposedly burns fat, but is also supposed to suppress the appetite.
The idea is to fool the potential buyer into thinking the site is based in the US or the UK and is a trustworthy place to buy diet pills. Over recent years the Chinese government have cracked down on the way that over the counter medicine and dietary supplements works. After buying these diet pills the girl was rushed to Hospital in Dublin with acute abdominal pains and bloody diarrhoea. This was present in the diet pills she had bought and was concluded to have caused the terrible condition she sustained.
Buying cheap diet pills from China or the Far East may seem like a bargain but in the end could you cost you far more!

The manufacturer only reveals this fibre-complex can trap the fat and sugar in your diet and promote their release. In fact some of the worst diet pill scammers use some awesome looking websites so it’s never an indication of the quality of the product. We are trying to establish where this diet pill is shipped from and who the company behind it is, so these mistakes would suggest we are dealing with the actual factory shipping out of China.
I order mzt pills two weeks ago and it truly cuts my cravings for sweets and over eating however it does give me cotton mouth and that helps me to drink more water also truly this pill is better then taking any other diet pill it even gives me more energy.
With a somewhat chequered history with FTC warnings on the marketing of some hCG supplements in the US and the need to follow a strict very low calorie diet, we look at whether Liquid Diet Drops is a safe, effective and hormone free alternative weight loss solution.
LDD Diet Drops is a safe, hormone-free alternative to the hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) drops. It’s one of the newest pill free solutions to fast weight loss that claims to be safe and guarantee great results.
Combined with a very low calorie diet, Liquid Diet Drops is suggested to give you a lean and healthy appearance. You take two dosages of Liquid Diet Drops per day, once in the morning and once in the evening.
The fact is you will only see results by following the very strict diet plan that requires you consume just 500-750 calories per day.
Anyone who believes their diet will be miraculously solved by a cursory look on Amazon without any research whatsoever really deserves those $30 down the drain. As with many dieting drinks the taste could put off some consumers so it’s recommended you take it in your beverage of choice instead of water or milk. Like all diet shake plans it will require that you adhere to the one to two Slimstick drinks per day and follow a healthy diet and exercise plan.
The modest weight loss results, lack of money-back guarantee and mixed clinical results means we are going to reject the Slimsticks diet. CoQ10 is obtainable by diet – especially oily fish and organ meats such as liver and kidneys. They use auto billing as a standard practice so you can expect to be sent further supplies of this diet pill package and for your account to be billed automatically. The pills don’t work and the people who work (particularly one nasty piece of work named Ivy) are absolutely not interested in customer satisfaction. I have 12kg to lose, and for me these Slimfy pills was a recipe for disaster, causing me weight gain, even though I was continuing my relatively healthy diet.
For a product marketed as a maximum strength fat burning diet pill, there are very few fat burning ingredients. Rather more disturbingly, you may well be buying diet pills containing dangerous ingredients that cause direct damage to the body.
This registration gave dietary supplements limited advertising rights, potency restrictions and limited functional claims that could be made after going through a lengthy and costly registration process.
A loss of 10 pounds every week would be classified as dangerous by any medical professional worth their salt, so to see it on a site flogging diet pills should never be believed or trusted.
Many of the Chinese diet pills are unregulated and have no indication of the ingredients within them so the best advice is to steer well clear. You can buy a bottle of 30 caffeine pills for $3 in Walgreens… wondered how the company had thousands of 5-star reviews. However the manufacturer suggests this will vary for individuals depending on a number of factors such as individual metabolism and possibly diet. I also have used this pill and have lose 5 lbs, will order again but not take them everyday. The package has an ingredient list and also lets you know that the pills may make you feel uncomfortable at first and the first 2 days I was a little squeamish. It works but like watchdog this is rejected due to all the claims and unknowns of what is in the pills. I took 2 pills a day in conjunction with clean eating and working out 5-6 days a week and I have tons of energy, my appetite has decreased, and the most exciting thing is that I have tightened and toned my body like never before! When I saw the ad about FREE samples (pay only the postage!!) there was nothing to lead me to expect they would bill me and send me a bottle of pills that are useless. On top of that, every time i try to consume this pill ever again or even see it, i feel like my brain and body not willing to accept it.
However I’ve been out of pills for a week and my binge eating is back with a vengeance.

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