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Author: admin, 09.07.2015
By Admin Leave a Comment Stomach ulcer has implications in many aspects of one’s life, but most of all it influences the dietary habits of that person. First of all, you should know that no stomach ulcer diet will be able to heal your affection, since the cause of ulcer is not improper food but rather a H. Among the fruit and vegetables that are rich in dietary fiber, there are strawberries, blueberries, yellow squash, spinach, kale or┬ábell peppers. Another idea of a diet which is good for peptic ulcers is based on increasing the intake of antioxidants, because they may regulate the H. There are also foods you should stay away from, because they would cause more harm to your stomach.

As you can see, there are lots of foods you can still make part of your diet, even if you suffer from stomach ulcer.
If you suffer from this medical condition, you should visit your doctor and discuss together which is the best diet for you, because various persons may have various food intolerance, so you shouldn’t take for granted what you read or hear from your friends. It will aggravate your disease and slow down the healing process, even if you are on medication and keep a restrictive diet in what foods and drinks are concerned.
If you choose popcorn, make sure you don’t put any butter or other additives on it, otherwise you may do more harm than good to your stomach. You can always replace the coffee with green tea and the spice in foods with dried thyme or coriander, which are good for you.

Carbonated soft drinks are also on the forbidden foods list, because they are acidic, so they will make your ulcer worse.

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