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Author: admin, 19.08.2015
Since my brother and I were first diagnosed with Type II diabetes more than twenty-five years we have struggled with one diet after the other. It doesn’t matter if you are the person who has just recently been diagnosed with diabetes or someone you love, chances are it’s been devastating to hear the news from your doctor, no matter how long you worried about it finally coming to pass. If you have Type II diabetes you almost surely already know that this metabolic disorder is caused by being overweight.
I am also a Type II diabetic as well as my brother but I would NEVER tell you that you can never eat sugar again. If you’ve already made up your mind to eat something you know isn’t good for you, at least take the time to enjoy and savour it.
DIABETES is a condition in which the body is difficult to control GLUCOSE (blood sugar).It occurs when the body does not produce enough INSULIN. DIABETIC DIET should contain all the nutrients: protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water.
DIABETIC DIET MEAL PLAN for 7 DAYS.For Good Diabetic Diet Plan Menu the most important are proper nutrition and weight reduction. You were probably shocked even though you knew your poor eating habits would eventually catch up with you.

Your doctor has probably  been harping at you to lose ten or fifteen pounds for the last ten years and all that advice has been falling on deaf ears. Having sugar with a meal is okay as long as you exercise daily and take into consideration how much “sugar” you are eating. Since we’ve been on insulin we have both become even more determined to lose some weight and get our diabetes under control. From the moment you wake up, your body which has been denied a meal for at least 8 hours will be starving for carbohydrates by first light. In fact, if you take charge of your life, your diet and your exercise routine, you have the potential to completely turn things around.
This is what will fundamentally drive your blood sugar levels down and that’s what you should be aiming for. Diabetics should eat complex carbohydrates (dietary fiber) which help to regulate blood sugar. Seeing just these small changes have had a tremendous impact on us and our whole family is looking forward to the reclamation of our lives. Dietary fibers absorb the water, swell and create a safety net that reduces the absorption of fats, proteins and sugars from intestines.

This is about making just a few small “adjustments” to your eating habits, things you do very simply and easily. If your body is not having high blood sugar spikes, your pancreas will not be forced into releasing more insulin. Slow healing of wounds and slow healing of infections.Diabetes symptoms is sometimes difficult to recognize If you find out that you have some of these Signs of Diabetes, consult your doctor.
The difference between Type I diabetes and Type II diabetes is that ALL Type I diabetics produce NO insulin in their pancreas. YOGURT, diet fruit yogurt, acidified milk and kefir should be eating, a and avoid the full-fat pure milk.5. Most Type II diabetics actually produce TONS of insulin and that, in part, is what makes them fat and more “insulin resistant”.
Every diabetic should consult with his doctor, because it all depends on the type of diabetes.

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