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Those who have type 1 diabetes are susceptible to medical conditions ranging from retinopathy to kidney disease. It is essential for everyone with type 1 diabetes to see their doctor regularly to ensure that they are managing their diabetes and preventing life-threatening medical conditions from developing. One reason the dual diagnosis of diabetes and eating disorders is so common may be because individuals with type 1 diabetes are so focused on food and managing what they eat, they may never deviate from a set diet, believing that doing so could be life threatening. In spite of the frequency of diabetes and eating disorders occurring together, individuals with type 1 diabetes and eating disorders typically receive separate treatment for both, even though treatment for diabetes may be at odds with treatment for eating disorders.Endocrinologists and others who treat diabetes typically lack training for treating eating disorders and other psychiatric disorders, just as psychiatrists and psychologists lack training to treat diabetes. Failure to manage your diabetes can lead to retinopathy, kidney disease, nerve damage and other complications, so it is essential to follow protocols set by your physician.However, managing the disease is further complicated if you have an eating disorder. Eating disorders are complex and require a combination of medical, behavioral and nutritional care.
Your endocrinologist needs to know if you or your child has an eating disorder, so that you can receive the treatment you need. Considered separately, diabetes and eating disorders are serious, life threatening illnesses that are difficult to treat.

They may develop rigid ideas about “good food” and “bad food,” and their rigidity may lead to an eating disorder.While individuals with diabetes must be careful about what they eat, it’s good to have a little flexibility. If you have both diabetes and an eating disorder, it is best to work with a team that will coordinate concurrent treatment of both illnesses. Standard eating disorder treatment is designed to help patients relinquish their focus on food, but those with diabetes cannot, because they need to focus on food to maintain healthy blood glucose levels. A majority of people who have eating disorders have other disorders, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or posttraumatic stress disorder. It’s essential to be honest and open about your eating disorder not only with your endocrinologist, but with any medical specialists who are treating you. Depression, anxiety, personality disorders, attention deficit disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder and substance abuse are common. Eating disorders are perhaps the most challenging psychiatric disorders and have the highest mortality rate of any disorder.
The longer an eating disorder progresses without treatment, the more difficult it will be for the patient to recover.When patients have both diabetes and an eating disorder, ongoing treatment is essential.

Doing so routinely leads to diabulimia.Those who have diabulimia typically have frequent episodes of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), which causes vomiting, dehydration, difficulty breathing and confusion. Typically, when an eating disorder exists for three years or longer, it becomes so ingrained in a person, it becomes extremely difficult to treat. Contribution of the family environment to eating disturbances in girls with type 1 diabetes.
If you or your child have diabetes along with a potential eating disorder, it is essential to seek medical help immediately.
An 11-year study of 234 women with type 1 diabetes showed that those who restricted their insulin intake died at an average age of just 45 years old.

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