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Author: admin, 11.09.2014
From holistic healing to detox and cleansing to personal health and development, this article will bring you all you need to know about your favorite cleanse.
This is a delicious diet that aims at jump-starting your metabolism and cutting back on fat. Dieters will begin their day with a cup of green tea with stevia as well as a smoothie made with cleansing foods such as raspberries, spinach, bananas, and lemon.
As a relaxing evening ritual, dieters can enjoy a bath with the addition of Epsom salt and lavender oil. KDKA-TV monitored two people who tried the Hormone Diet for six weeks, and both people were successful in losing weight. The Hormone Diet combines the Mediterranean and Glycemic Index diets in order to normalize hormone levels that would otherwise cause weight gain.
The first portion of the diet is a two-week detox, followed by keeping close track of the amount of food consumed and the timing of meals. In the top five, according to Nicole German of Diet Blog, are almond butter, natural (ie no added sugar) peanut butter, sunflower seed butter, soy butter, and cashew butter.

Cleansing Diet – 5 day diet plan for easy weight loss, detoxification of the colon, kidney and liver. Toxins in the liver prevent you from losing weight. A Liver Cleanse can dramatically help you in your weight loss plan. The cleansing diet helps the body purify and rejuvenate the cells by increasing the intake of vegetables and fruits and eliminating the consumption of processed foods the cells absorb nutrients and extract the toxins.
The proposed diet is designed to purify the body and help eliminate all toxic residues that manifests in the body and prevent weight loss as well as affect your health.
With this diet the body recovers from nutritional deficiencies, optimizes the proper functioning of the immune system, reinforcing defenses, and cleanses the colon, liver, kidneys and blood. In general the whole body restores, rejuvenates and strengthens. This diet is especially recommended for people who are chronically ill or often feel tired and drained. Don’t despair if you break the cleansing diet cycle, start where you left off, always applaud your efforts. It is recommended that during this diet colon cleansing should be administered to help flush the toxins that are being removed from the body and fat cells.

The diet also includes omega-3 supplements and other blended beverages with exotic ingredients.
As a huge fan of the California lifestyle and the Raw Food Movement, she advocates buying seasonal and local food, and eating raw and plant based meals. This diet not only helps reduce and eliminate excessive body fat, but helps the body eliminate toxins or substances which can be attached to the intestines and can’t be eliminated due to a high degree of toxicity in the body.
However, if the cleansing diet is respected and followed the results will be very encouraging. A cleansing diet can help detoxify the body and increase the body’s metabolic rate in turn helping to lose weight. The cleansing diet should be performed ever once every 2 months in order to cleanse and purify the body.

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