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Author: admin, 27.05.2015
Five Star Fitness Boot Camps in Chicago, created by nationally recognized fitness expert Scott McLain, have helped more than 2000 people transform their bodies. Five Star’s Signature Boot Camp uses The McLainActive Method ™, our proven system to achieve results. Five Star’s TRX Force Camp is based on the most comprehensive workout program ever created by TRX.
After 12 years and more than 2000 participants, we’ve never had a single camper—not even one—who failed to see results. At the end of your first camp you will see improvements in your Run4Time, Push-up Challenge, Pro Day Challenge and The Gauntlet Challenge™ or we will refund your fee.

No matter which camp you choose, the team of top fitness pros will get you into the best shape of your life in only six weeks! Chicago’s #1 Ranked TRX Personal Trainer Scott McLain will help you reach the next level of performance.
Join one of our 2015 Chicago camps or outdoor classes at four convenient locations in Bucktown, Downtown at Lakeshore East, Lakeview and Lincoln Park. So if you’re not seeing results from your current fitness program, or if the treadmill has you bored out of your gourd, get started with Five Star today!
Also, so  that you become well rounded in your fitness, we also include the best stretching and recovery techniques in all Cross MMA Fitness Boot camp classes.Cross MMA Fitness Boot camps Classes Get Results Fast!One of our Naperville Fitness Boot Camp attendees Melissa who lost over 60ilbs in her first 6 months of classes.

Specialized equipment such as Kettlebells, focus mitts and heavy-bags are used to maximize power, improve reaction time, and refine technique.This is perfect for the Beginner or advanced fitness levels.

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