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Author: admin, 10.12.2015
We have become so used to cheap food in America that we often forget the real price being paid. This entry was posted in FoodThoughts and tagged 7-11, food prices, France, hot dog, USA by Hemi Weingarten. As I posted in previous Disquus remarks in regards to banning junk food for SNAP and WIC, the subsidies need to be either to all agricultural products or even better to none.
But in the seven years I live here, I have also seen some changes to consumer behavior in regards to cleaner food and I reckon that at the end the consumer will vote with their checkbooks. The idea that fast food is actually cheaper than cooking from scratch at home is also a huge falsehood. The graph of showing that the poor spend more percentage of their income on food in America is unfair. Nature Valley makes a special granola which is designed to have a little bit more protein in it and therefore a little less carbs.

It's rare to have anything that fits into the cracker category and is also considered low carb. Correlation is not the same as causation, but there are some pretty good arguments as to why cheap foods have led to a rise in chronic disease. High profit margins on junk food lead to increased spending on marketing in order to sell even more.Meanwhile the broccoli Growers Association has yet to air a Superbowl ad.
Food prices have recently gone up due to commodities shooting up, but families are still spending less than 10% of their income on food. And as behavioral economics has shown us, people WILL supersize, and WILL eat the cheaper food, even when it’s not healthy. Honestly, if you are eating these because you love chocolate and you need a low carb substitute you will be disappointed. However if you want to actually have a good size bowl you're still gonna end up having quite a bit of carbs.

When we do cauliflower rice we take our cauliflower and cut it down into smaller sizes and then stick it into our food processor where we allow the machine to grade it into small pieces. However, if you are eating these because you need a protein bar that is low in sugar, well then they work fine. So it's not really for people who are on induction and really for people who are at their goal weight and can handle their carbs a bit more. I guess if I'm going to have a little extra carbs in my day I'm probably not going to do it at breakfast time.

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